About Us

PartTimeSlacker is dedicated to helping others explore more of the internet easier, faster and most especially; while having a bit of fun in the process.

Our website is not supported through the use of Google Adsense Ads, Yahoo ads or via paid advertising at all.

PartTimeSlacker fans and visitors can support this website in one of four ways:

 1. This website is supported each time one of our guests choose to download; one of our free downloads via ShareCash.org.

2. PartTimeSlacker earns money every time someone purchases a t-shirt, coffee mug or hat.

3. PartTimeSlacker fans and visitors can purchase a copy of Smear Strategy Card Game directly from our auction or website. Save when buying 2 or more games.

4. PartTimeSlacker fans and visitors can help us promote this website simply by sharing our web address (URL) in forums, bookmarking sites, social networking sites, search engines or by linking to our site or by linking to our articles, directories or other pages in our website.

We are cash-poor and any help at all from our fans and guests is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for stopping to visit PartTimeSlacker.

PartTimeSlacker guests and visitors should know that we are not website designers. This is our first and will probably be our last website experiment.

Our goal is not to be the best-looking website on the web, but to be the best resourced website on the Internet. 

We love fooling around with search-engines, however we've found it nearly impossible to find what we are looking for - when we needed the information yesterday. So, PartTimeSlacker has set out to make finding things easier and faster to find for everyone.

PartTimeSlacker is a zero-political website. We do not directly link to any political driven website unless it is a news website.

PartTimeSlacker is a team of born-again Christians, so we do not promote any website that is affiliated with pornography or online gambling websites. We also do not advocate or promote any non-Christian website such as "Atheism, Islam, Hinduism or others".

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and  100% God and 100% Man - God in the flesh. We believe that through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, anyone who confesses they are a sinner and calls on the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ and invites Him into their life; will be instantly forgiven for all of their sins (Past, Present and Future) and will receive eternal life with God.

Just ask Jesus Christ into your heart and life and be changed forever by the "Precious Blood of the Lamb of God - Jesus Christ".

Read God's Word (the Bible) everyday, so that you can grow and mature in the Spirit of God. Don't take our word for it, but read the Bible for yourself and learn the only real Truth that the world has ever really known. In otherwords, take God's Word for it.

Jesus Christ willingly died, was buried and rose back to life for sinners like you and us. Jesus loves you and He wants to forgive you of all of your sins - no matter how many or how bad your sins may seem to be, however God will not force Himself or the Salvation that He wants to give you -- on you. If you are willing to accept Jesus Christ into your life with all of your heart, then He will forgive all of your sins and give you eternal life so to be with Him.

Just ask Jesus Christ to be your savior and to forgive you of your sins and be saved by God Almighty. True Love - Real Peace and Everlasting Joy and Happiness will be in your eternal future with God in the exact moment that you say "I Do"  and accept Jesus Christ as your savior.

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